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Calling to Islam
Help send the massage of Islam directly to homes and local communities with our da'wa to Islam initiative which includes a Direct Door to Door mail program.
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Creating Muslim Media
Join our media content creation program in which we aim to provide free access to educational and entertainment content specifically made for the Muslim community.
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Providing a better Islamic Education
Help us create free homeschool educational programs that allow Muslims living in non muslim countries to study in a safe environment.

Our Mission

Empowering the Muslim Community through knowledge

Give Donation

Giving charity in the sake of Allah will never decrease your wealth. Inshallah it will be considered an ongoing charity (Sadaqa Jarieh).

Become a Volunteer

We need all the help we can get. We are particularly looking for those with production and post production experience.

Raise Awareness

If you are unable to contribute financially or as a volunteer, we ask you to share our cause and talk to you neighbors about Islam.

Our Projects

Create Entertaining and Educational content designed for Muslims by Muslims.

Send out physical invitation letters to thousands of people calling them to Islam.

We need to develop free tools to better equip our community to take charge of educating the youth.

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